Yes… finally starting a blog!

I (Julia) love writing and particularly keeping journals…. so today I’m finally starting a blog for Team Webb!!

My husband Alan thought it was an ok idea (finally he’s ready to get on the bandwagon!).. but I knew he wouldn’t be the one to initiate it. So unfortunately for all the people curious about Alan’s fitness, race plans and how many times he’s been to Five Guys the last month (zero actually- what a shocker!)- you might have to skim through the parts of my life… which has been very eventful since the pregnancy started this past fall (13 weeks, 2 days today!).

No this baby wasn’t exactly planned for us, but honestly this is the best thing that’s happened for Alan and I over the past few years. Literally the day we found out (the day before our 1 year anniversary) I saw a noticeable change in everything for Alan. No, I didn’t blame him for being down as of late – with the constant struggle to stay healthy and make sense of his situation.

But when the baby thing was not just a suspicion and a fact-his demeanor, energy and outlook in life took on a new meaning– which FINALLY lead to an injury free streak of training and back to running fast!! We knew we always wanted kids.. but when is a good time to have one when you are “still young”, newly wed, always traveling, and for me personally being obsessed with running and pushing your body to the limit? I will be 29 in February and if we want to have a cross country team – better start now! Besides, I’ve already noticed many benefits to this whole thing.. one important one being more blood and  for the first time in my running career – a ferritin level over 30! Second, my nerves and outlook (even before finding out) – have completely changed for the better and I feel much more confidence and enjoyment in racing. Instead of putting  unnecessary pressure/stress- which I have no idea where it comes from because after college I’ve come realize I’m not a true elite runner nor will I ever be some sort of US hopeful (doesn’t mean I won’t still accept a miracle God). I believe my nerves/brain on race day has been one of my main problems leading to less than ideal results when I am clearly more fit than the time at the finish.

So as you can see I’m the one who likes to blab in the family so if you read this you’re going to have to hear about my pregnancy experiences (and recent races!!)… but going forward (especially as I get completely out of shape) I’ll try to write less about me and more about Alan!  I’m so excited for these next 6 months leading to first the birth of our child (we’re making it happen before he leaves for Eugene), the Olympic Trials in late June and beyond.. 🙂

Stay tuned.. these next few days there will be lots of catching up!


  1. David Greenberg · · Reply

    great news all around – and for us, so we can follow Alan better.

  2. Lionhardt · · Reply

    Webb’s BACK BABY!!

  3. Great job with the blog Julia! Thanks for sharing your families news and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and great New Year!

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