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I can’t help but brag I’m going to the Superbowl in my first season of Fantasy !!!! And what is Alan doing? Staying home.. in the consolation bracket. Not to mention he’s in four leagues and I’m only in one.  Of all the years I’ve met him, I remember more often than not, him close to last so he could reclaim his $20. “But all the guys I drafted are hurt”.. well not all mine are healthy. Besides Aaron Rodgers my top scorers are all from the waivers. Besides he was ahead of me on the draft so he could have had Rodgers! In years past I’ve begged to be in one of Alan’s leagues while the guys are all sitting around watching pre-season brainstorming who could make up the league, I wave my hands in their face. “Right here, I’m in”.. they look past me still trying to add names.

This year for our Charlottesville league I got my big break when the Ragged Mountain guys accidentally sent the email to me instead of Alan. I wrote back how I’ve been looking forward to this for so long.. then to get a response, “This was suppose to be for the boys only, but I guess if we can make somethings clear I guess girls can join”.. which followed a resounding “I’m in too” response from many of the girls until that clarifying email was sent – “This isn’t a joke. It’s not like some NCAA bracket thing where you pick once and hope your team wins. You need to update this every week and pay attention…” Soon after most girls dropped out leaving myself and another female who eventually gave all responsibility to her brother.

So I’m here to say that as a woman don’t let that man talk scare you! Honestly you don’t need to know much about any of the players going into the draft pick, but a little study session may help. (Besides its a turn on for your man when you are informed to any level about football). The benefits to joining outweigh any negatives- as the season goes on you’ll learn to love NFL season to a much greater extent than in years past (and start to get the same excitement as men- rather than confusion of why they care so much- when Sunday nears).

Some tips to make it fun- Based on my winning experience its better to draft players on factors other than pure stats or rank but rather can go by specific looks or features. Example- I drafted Larry Fitzgerald higher than his rank because of his braids and huge butt. It also helps to use team uniform colors or first names as another choosing factor. Because really the projections are usually wrong and no one can predict how a player will do. (Same with track – who predicted Centro to medal or Barringer to get gold?) Another helping factor is going to church every Sunday even during your most important games. Times I’d go in with terrible fantasy scores, I’d come out winning. God works like that. 😉

So I’m definitely looking forward to Christmas this year for more reasons than any past. Besides being the greatest holiday thanks to baby Jesus, Alan and I are heading to the Packer game that night at Lambeau Field! OK so they aren’t undefeated but still pretty exciting to watch the best NFL team in their last regular season game against daaa Bears. Half of my extended family lives in Green Bay and it will be Alan’s first Christmas in Wisconsin. Last year’s game in mid October I was able to wear a bikini but this year I’m planning on wearing 5 layers including a ski mask. Definitely worth the cold, which I am a big wuss despite living in Wisconsin 23 years. We should be back in Virginia kicking off 2012 with Indoor training and looking forward to some upcoming races.


  1. […] After giving away her fantasy football secrets, Julia Webb lets us know that her husband, Alan Webb will begin his indoor racing season on January 5th. […]

  2. Ryan McGrath · · Reply

    “constellation bracket” – is it possible you meant “consolation bracket”, as in, the loser’s bracket?? haha

  3. hahahahaha, you WOULD pick someone because he has a big butt! and i highly endorse this method. 😉

    just wanted to add that although i was one of those females who pulled out of fantasy, i did the ESPN college pick’em thing (and beat a couple guys, woo!) which got me excited about college football and increased my interest in NFL football as well. i haven’t watched this much football since i was little and would fall asleep next to the fireplace watching the games with my dad!

    so a big pat on the back for hangin’ in there and good luck in the super bowl! haha

  4. oh and i forgot to add that that picture is awesome.


    okay that’s all.

  5. sally coleman · · Reply

    >>>julia, you really wore a bikini!!!!! You’re much too lean.

  6. I’ll be at the game too!!!!! It’d be great to see you!

  7. Lets hope 2012 is a sub 3:50 year for Webb.

  8. Wow, two posts and hundreds of hits for this blog. Maybe I should put tags to Alan Webb in mine to drum up some views.

  9. Hope for the best in running and health for Alan and his family. Look forward to his being on the track in 2012 at the trials in Eugene. If you want to come out early for the Pre Meet and stay I have room at my house located in Salem, Oregon with access to running trails, track and no one to bother you. Let me know.

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