A Brown Christmas

Our Christmas vacation to Wisconsin has been uncharacteristically runner friendly with no snow. Only 1 run on a treadmill, cleared outdoor tracks and half dead grass to run in the parks and golf courses.

The only indications that we are in Wisconsin have been the thick accents, billboards for cheese on the desolate highways and Packer flags on cars.

For the first time in I believe 28 years there wasn’t a big pile of snow in the middle of my grandparent’s court Christmas Eve.

Christmas day we headed to Green Bay for the loud obnoxious side of my family’s celebration. The highlight of the day was playing “The Game” -our version of a white elephant gift exchange.

As Alan’s slap bracelet watch was stolen by my 78 year old grandpa, he went back up to pick a new gift. He started by hoovering around the largest gift available. The last thing I wanted was to travel with another George Foreman or smoothie maker, so I started yelling to get something small. He gave me a look, quoted “Don’t tell me my business Devil Woman” and went on to pick up the largest box.

What happened next words can’t describe. Click here for the video.

The baby didn’t actually come home with us. My brother Jacob wasn’t playing and wanted to wrap something to be included. My younger cousins helped get in on the joke by finding my aunt’s old doll from the 60s.  It’s too bad because as soon as it came out of the box, I had already started to visualize how this baby would fit in my carry-on.

The rest of the night was AWESOME. Packer game we packed on the layers to enjoy a balmy 40 degrees and got to witness A Rodgers launch 32 fantasy points and a victory! For all of my loyal fantasy fans- I’m still in the run for the title. We play a 2 week series and so far I have 100 points against my (enemy) Thomas with 102.

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  1. Jacob Rudd · · Reply

    Best White Elephant moment yet!

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