Alan and Julia’s Infinite Playlist

We finally splurged and ordered a second iPod for the family. A beautiful used 2nd generation “shuffle” on Amazon for only $30. What a joy. Plus its pink. Alan and I both admitted out loud that running with the iPod is way underrated.  (Previously we were both anti-pod, frowning down on people who used this as a crutch while running..) We both have discovered this secret weapon is an awesome addition to the mix that brings excitement and can fill the void when you don’t have company. And lately he’s been stealing it when I, the pregnant lady, when exercising, should have first rights.

The sad thing is that neither of us are ambitious enough to actually update the playlist. Ever. 2007 was when I first dug up this fancy little iPod in a drawer at the old house back in Reston, and hastily added songs to my first music device since recording “Last Dance with Mary Jane” from the radio back in 1993. For over 4 years we sporatically listened to the same 40 songs over and over until recently I woke up inspired and geniously deleted some painful old ones (ie: Paper Planes “M.I.A.”, and a few of my hypnosis plugs on “Staying Calm”)  and added about 20 songs (ie: AC/DC “Thunderstruck” and Queen “Don’t Stop Me Now”). In turn, this ended up being personally the best string of runs only to bring me crashing down after Friday’s workout with a hip strain.

We never spoke much on the subject of our terrible song mix. Maybe it was because we couldn’t verbally discuss our amount of use. We just got used to skipping over the same songs until we found something we hoped would not get in our head and only last the 5 minutes it was actually playing.

I realized it was a problem when one of us says a word such as “ambition” – immediately our next line is to say outloud “Got that ambition baby -look in his eyes. This week he moppin floors, next week its the fries”. Obviously a line from Gold Digger – a classic Kanye featuring Jamie Foxx. Or when suddenly the toddlers I nanny can sing the words to Buffalo Soldier and they have never heard the actual song.

So yes we have a new playlist and I am trying to brainwash Alan into loving my top 6 songs from Outkast’s Speakerboxxx album. So far its not working but when you see the selection from the master list on iTunes you will agree this addition was a must. Next on our to-do list: buy more songs or dig up old CDs to add which will bring us flying down the trail doing an air guitar.


  1. Haha! Love the photo. Enjoying your blog lots!

  2. Phil Keskinen · · Reply

    You should download and add “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica. My favorite to get me through a treadmill run.

  3. Lance Farmer · · Reply

    Hey Alan and Julia. While this comment does not pertain to your latest post I wanted to let you know as a fan of Alan’s since his hs 800m run in Richmond that I will no longer be going to the website for any running news, but most particulary for news of Alan. I have always taken the negative comments for what they were and even given some merit when they might have seemed constructive but the sheer glee with which weldon has incessantly posted about Alan’s race (and fall) tonight and the “best fall video” thread that he started himself have left this fan with only one choice and that is to no longer go to their website. If they can’t treat all athletes with respect then they don’t deserve any themselves. I’ll watch your website and leave any news to this and other sources. It really is a shame for people like them to be so jealous, envious, and immature of someone like Alan. I guess you didn’t go to an ivey Alan and that leaves you off their promotional list. It doesn’t explain mr. cracker though. I guess when you finish 4th in the trials they might dedicate a whole week to articles about the 2016 trials for you. Regardless all the best Alan and Julia. goodbye letsrun.

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