A Long Layoff

The last month has definitely been exciting for the Webb family as it meant the return to racing for Alan after 253 long days (8 months, 9 days). During that time it was tough for me even though my personal racing hit an all time high.

celebrating Alan's last victory April '11

——>So I’d love to give my 2 cents about the last 2 races and what’s about to come, but I don’t want Alan to feel he is living with a reporter. I’ll keep things under the table and save that for any race interviews. I want to respect his style which is run and let the legs do the talking. No excuses or explanations.<——

This past weekend at George Mason it was such a thrill for me to get the nerves again – different from when I race – but just as exciting when I saw Alan step to the line.

After the gun went off, it felt like time slowed for that next minute and 59 seconds. Watching every move I knew with the final backstretch lap when he was passed he would not give up without another fight. I also knew although it was a slower pace, he would still improve on his 1:55 from his last race, which is a small step in the right direction. Then coming around the final turn, I No one to blame here but mehad a perfect view of what went down… Alan. I don’t think I ever anticipated that coming. I knew I was the clumsy one who has tripped and fell numerous times in steeple races. Not Alan who makes fun of me when I come back scraped up covered in dirt from tripping in the woods on a long run.  I knew if it had to happen,  better now than in a big one. I knew he’d be ok, but definitely upset.

Speaking of falls, did I mention how great I am at it? Here is my personal favorite caught on camera during my junior year in college. I was getting little attention although I was winning the season opening steeplechase at Northern Iowa by over a half lap UNTIL this point in which I heard numerous yells and cheers as I pathetically got up and continued on.

Another favorite memory I have is during a summer running trip to Oregon. My friend Joe and I ran over 18 miles of hilly terrain on the Pacific Crest Trail one day and another 4 hour trek up and down South Sister Mountain the next. The result for one day was a total of 7 falls. No real injuries but lots of laughs. That’s the best thing about falling. You can always look back and laugh as long as the damage wasn’t permanent.

All I know is we are optimistic, excited and very thankful that 2012 is here and the races are coming. No need to say more, speed talks.

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  1. Ryan McGrath · · Reply

    One of my all-time favorite pictures. Not just of you, but of all things. I love it.

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