Baby Business

This past week Alan and I finally got to see a real picture of our baby at just about 5 months!! The 7 week ultrasound looked like a blob but this was really cool as you could see everything! So far everything is healthy and our baby weighs over 14 ounces. And it turns out we were both right in thinking the baby was a GIRL!! I’ve heard that the sex could be linked to how much the dad is training as an elite runner. When you are training hard that leads to a girl, if you are resting then more likely to be a boy. They should do a study on this stuff.

So on to the family photos.. We’re trying to figure out what our girl will actually look like in 4 short months.. so I’m guessing a combo of these 2 photos (Alan in red, Julia in diaper).

Life as a pregnant lady has been going as well as I could imagine with a huge help from Alan. He is more than supportive and I feel closer than ever. I have been reading a lot of books and one in particular “Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy” is written by someone who seems to have the opposite experiences with her 4 pregnancies than I. Not to mention she is very anti-exercise and the chapter ranting on about the 8 biggest reasons why “you don’t need to keep up your gym membership” drove me crazy (as well as the excessive fashion advice). Note to people: working out is definitely a positive. As far as looking good- get a few cute maternity pieces to wear out and leave the rest to your husbands comfy sweats and t shirts. Your workout clothes should stretch to fit fine.

Well I just got to the “Partners of Pregnant Women” chapter. My version would be much different. I have a theory: Maybe if the author would have continued to work out she wouldn’t have had such adverse reactions on her way of dealing with life during pregnancy (think extreme PMS) and her husband wouldn’t be running the opposite way of her and wondering “who are you and what have you done with my woman” as she describes.

According to Ms. Iovine, 9 of every 10 men think you are crazy and can’t wait until you get this baby business over with. She does mention the one of 10 who has “never felt more closely bound to his partner”. Well I guess I’m lucky because I think Alan might be in the minority. Without him I don’t know how I’d do it, but he has always been someone who definitely can surprise me by treating me beyond anything I deserve. Coming off a Valentine’s Day birthday I am always amazed what he pulls off to make it my favorite day of the year.

Thankfully he hasn’t adapted to the “couvade syndrome” – where a guy gets fat, emotional and nauseous along with the pregnant lady. Speaking of fat, its only a matter of another blog being written until Alan and I cross paths on the scale. Thankfully at my Dr visit I didn’t quite get over 140 (139.6)  – I have another 18 weeks of growing for that to happen!


  1. that’s so cute! glad things are working out with the pregnancy. good luck!!

  2. Great to hear you and your little one are doing well! Thanks for sharing the photo and it is good to hear how supportive your husband is as there are enough ignorant and stereotypical men out there who still want to be living in a cave. Still find it ridiculous that a generation ago there were still a lot of men who never changed their own childrens diapers. What is up with that?

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