Our Recent World

Things are coming down to crunch time!

Alan and I have been realizing time is ticking. June is just about here! (Finally!)

Photo courtesy of Randy Miyazaki at TrackandFieldPhoto.com

Between the 1500 and baby we find ways to fill the time. Here are some of the recent highlights.

Alan and Julia: Go-Karting and Mini Golf Night in Waynesboro with the kids (barely 21) Robby and Jayna. Alan got off lucky with a win after Robby’s ball ended up lost and I had a record amount of hole-in-ones. Drained at least $20 playing Skee-ball and arcade basketball to win tickets. Final cash in for our prizes we got a super ball and a single (one) pixie stick. The lady wouldn’t even budge to give us each a pixie stick!

Alan: Ran 3:37.2 at the Oxy High Performance Meet. A season best but not quite the 3:35.5 needed for the Olympic A. Robby ran 3:34.7 same race coming from last one lap to go to just missing the win for 3rd. Baby was going crazy in my tummy during that one! Thankfully I have my support crew in Cville to watch races. My RMR teammate Donnie‘s girlfriend Christy has been great to stay up late for the west coast viewings!

Julia: Got beat 598 to 0 in UNO (playing a series) that lasted a day or so. No joke. I scored 0. Luck.

Alan: Back to back crazy intense workouts in the VA heat a week after Oxy. I’m getting excited just thinking about the next race opportunities!

Julia: I live for Mamaste! Prenatal Yoga at Bend in Charlottesville is where it’s at. I’ve become a master at holding squats and wall sits for 2 minutes. Not too impressive like running track workouts but you add some crazy pelvic floor toning and hold arm poses, it definitely is challenging. Nothing better than walking out of class on the downtown mall with 8 other pregnant ladies and our huge bellies.

Alan: Couldn’t handle getting beat by over 400 points in UNO. Threw the cards and stormed off, not to mention #$%! said. I told him it’s not about skill. He apologized later but admitted he hates losing. Didn’t have to tell me that one. Reminded me of the last time I played my mom in Scrabble. That may be the source of some of my competitive genes.

ImageJulia: Officially can relate to the elderly. Some days I hold up traffic while walking across the parking lot into grocery stores. My pelvis hurts. A lot. Now I see the significance of the “Reserved for women who are expecting” parking signs next to handicap spots. The world could use more of those.

Alan: Making fun of me by secretly texting pics to Vig of my “nesting” – including photos of my finished bassinet and apartment map on where our little baby’s stuff is going to go.

Julia: Random girl with a group of high school friends asks if she could touch my belly at Urban Outfitters. Why not? She had both hands rubbing on my belly for a good minute while her guy friends watched. Interesting.

Alan: Removed the Austin Powers chest hair. Didn’t mind cleaning up the mess. That definitely has to feel better during the runs in 90 degree weather. We considered auctioning off a shaved ad space on Ebay. It could happen. Grows back pretty fast.Image

Julia: Said my final goodbyes to my nanny job and a great family as they recently moved back to San Diego. The guys are going to miss the kids at the track. Liam: “Um Viggie, I think Alan is better than Robby.” Helen: “Go Wobby! Go Awan!” I’m confident if I can handle 2 energetic  (and at times crazy) toddlers while being pregnant I can handle a cute little crying baby at 3am. Night after night. At the hours of 1, 4 and 6 too. Well maybe.

Alan: Rumor has it he counts his steps between workouts. Literally. That would go against the entire principal of saving energy as it takes lots of mental energy to continuously count. Even if he had a pedometer do the work he’d still have to come up with a system of what would be ideal. So no. He doesn’t actually count. He was just giving Robby some advice on staying off your feet between runs. That was something I learned from him while I was competing. It’s ok to lounge around and be lazy when you’re not working out. Similar to how the Kenyans do absolutely nothing but sit on rocking chairs and have tea during their 3-a-days.

ImageJulia: Had the best laugh in a long time when Alan blind folded me with a winter hat on a long drive to my surprise baby shower. I apparently looked drunk walking up to the house. Hey- it’s tough to walk up stairs pregnant even when you can see! Biggest perk besides all the cute baby stuff was the chocolate cake!! I got to take home basically half a sheet and had my longest streak of cake eating in my life- a piece every night for at least a week. Surprisingly my weight was the same on my last appointment. I’m not usually a big sweet eater, so I can see this baby has more of Alan’s genes.

Alan: Recent workout clip on the new Vig-Robby-Alan website TrackingField.com. Interesting on what you see here and what actually took place that day. You could try to guess the workout but all that’s important is that it was a good one! The website is your best bet for Alan’s running related news.

Julia: Baby is good to go at our birthing center (37 weeks) tomorrow! Labor after Sunday might be a better choice when Alan is back in town. Stock piled on supplies and researched that under 20 cents a diaper and 2 cents a wipe is a good deal.

Alan: Plan to get after it in the International Mile on Friday night at Prefontaine Classic in Eugene! The plan is a fast 1500 time although this is a full mile. So the last 109 meters will be a bonus to see if he has anything left after kicking to hopefully a sub 3:35. What counts is that split through 3 and ¾ laps. This is definitely the most stacked the mile has been in recent history, so unfortunately they had to split up the field to 2 different days. NBC will air the meet on Saturday afternoon. A’s race will be at 10:37 pm eastern the night before.

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  1. Brendan · · Reply

    I can’t believe I just realized you had this blog going. Such a great idea. It’s so hard to keep up with you and a guy that runs a sub 4 minute mile (though I think I can still take him in the 100). I’m glad you’re doing this!

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