Taming the Wildchild

Another year has flown by and 6 months since I left the blogging world and entered into Joanie’s world. Our family moved back to the Portland, OR area this past fall after my urging and Alan’s agreeing after one visit to an apartment near Nike during our trip out west for our best friend’s wedding. We really did love Charlottesville but we knew we couldn’t stay when Alan’s mentor/ former UVA coach Jason Vigilante was leaving. We both missed our friends and missed the rain. I really missed Noodles and Company and the coffee. Alan missed winning free Chalupas at the Blazers games.

We have both grown so much since we were last here. Still hoping we can pass for 26 years old, but reality we are almost 30 and brought back a new addition to the family. Joanie has brought so much unbelievable joy and so much perspective in my life.

Before she was born, I was consumed with my running and didn’t realize how much of it I’d have to let go (hopefully for a brief period) when my stubbornness and failure to accept an injury turned into what has now become an entire year long dormancy of the sport. I could be bitter and complain about how its not fair to sit out, but I still have so many blessings and this has given me a new appreciation for all that life has to offer.


When I was pregnant I didn’t have a clue what parenting would really be like. Especially knowing I’d have to raise my baby who is far from mellow. Now that she is 6 months, it blows my mind on how much personality and how much she already reflects on both myself and Alan. I have seen babies before, but I have never met someone with so much energy and a need to experience life. If it were up to her, Joanie would never sleep. She really just does not want to miss anything!

We joked about how we’d love our child no matter what.. if she runs or if she wants to be a Mathlete. By 2 months when she started doing flip turns every time you laid her on the ground, I said to Alan-trust me- she wants to run. Or swim. Or be a gymnast. Or climb Mt Everest. She will not sit still! Along with her athleticism Joanie is completely in love with people and will protest if she is kept at home. It doesn’t matter how sleep deprived she is, if she is out, she will perform and smile and laugh and be fascinated by everyone she meets.

No doubt, she is not an easy baby. The one and only Nanny I can count on to watch her describes her as tenacious. Definitely a good word. She’s a fighter and if its time to sleep and people are over, nice try. Despite the challenges especially presented from 3-5 months (when she REALLY became aware of the world), we are completely in love and look forward to every single day with Joanie. Now its just trying to convince some of our friends how much fun having kids is!


IMG_2088IMG_2089IMG_2090IMG_2093Joanie in 60 secondsJoanie WebbIMG_2100IMG_2102

Joanie Webb in 60 seconds.. Ready.. Set.. Go!!

With the little free time I do get in, I hope I can start to share more about our life back in Portland. (OK I cheated, we really live in Beaverton) but still close enough. Just forgive my lack of grammar and let’s hope for the best in 2013! Happy New Year 🙂

courtesy of Jon Marcus

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