2013 Reflection

Tomorrow I’m racing Hood to Coast with one of the 3 teams Nuun has put together! Thanks to Sara Slattery’s invite I’ll be joining team Cherry Limeade including my old friend Dorothy Beal from Reston, VA. At the moment Alan is at a dinner with Hood to Coast team World Vision– one in which Lopez Lomong is sponsoring.

 I would love to blog about my experiences next week but before so I wanted to get this one out of the way which I wrote about weeks ago but just didn’t get it on the site.

So far 2013 for our family has been a toss up in the running world with some new beginnings and old familiarity. We’re both back in Portland training and racing. Alan is with a new coach and a great group- after an injury late fall that led to indoors, he got eventually did get in a good solid block of spring of training but once again left with less than desirable results. The fall he is hoping to get on the roads and help out as volunteer assistant to head coach Jon Marcus at Portland State.

Speaking of Jon, he’s the man.  I am back training with my former coach Mr. Marcus (from 2011) after I became friends with his wife Kristen Rohde. In the past Kristen and I were on an even level. I left for VA and shortly after got pregnant in which she dropped mega time in all her events and left our old similiar PRs a different level apart. Now she is my secret weapon for getting in shape fast. This entire season I had the luxury of a fast group of girls who show no mercy for pain (this is a thing that becomes automatic as an “old woman” -once you reach the upper 20-early 30s) which included Kristen and new training partner Karlee Coffey. We also have some speedy additions of Anna Connor and Amber Rozcicha who can put a 5 second gap on you in the 200 just after the 50m mark. Without these girls and Alberto Salazar/Jerry Schumacher approved coach Jon Marcus, I would be probably off jogging with 10 pounds of pregnancy weight hanging around. I am also excited to say that I am going to be assistant coach at Westview High School- helping out Rebecca Martin after head coaches Andrew and Amy Yoder Begley have left for University of Connecticut.

 For myself, I could not be more appreciative or surprised by how far I’ve come. For Alan, he has more questions and unknown looking back at this new beginning with so much work put in only to come out empty handed.Image

Many people come tell me, “Your husband has had such a great career” as if it’s completely over. Maybe on the track, but until his body completely gives out, I don’t see him leaving the sport just yet, especially with the many opportunities of the longer distances on the roads. It’s just really hard to see him switch so many directions with the same passion, enthusiasm and drive only to run into so many dead ends with nagging injuries and lackluster performances that were not reflective of the work he’s put in. The one big change over the years has been his attitude and ability to enjoy what he’s doing. He’s become so much more mature- maybe that comes with becoming a dad? I never see a hint of hesitation when its time to get going in the morning for a practice. He’s a machine that gets it done. It’s just he’s not getting the chance to do as many miles or killer workout sessions as he had in the past. With some inconsistency and hiccups throughout the years, it’s lead to a big drop and swing in momentum, which just hasn’t turned around. Yet he keeps on going. And doesn’t mope around feeling sorry for himself. He’s been my biggest supporter and couldn’t be more obvious that he really cares and is happy for me when I hit another PR.

Looking back at the track season which concluded for me in July, I took a little time to look at how far I have come-
Here it goes:

2012- 1 race on January 1st (18:15 pregnant) then 0 races and 0 PRs, and 0 running after my hip ligament injury completely stopped me in February. Biked and swam.

HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT-  in June – made a new human Joanie Webb!

Injured all the way til the end of December.

2013- Amazing to see my progression as I began racing with just about 2 months of running after a full year off.. I wasn’t afraid to see what I was made of and early on the race results turned into the interval splits I was hitting in workouts. The steeple I knew I had potential to drop major time but I also had that feeling many times in past seasons. Early on I had a frustrating race at Willamette and didn’t know if I was stuck again running subpar performances. Thankfully I had my breakthrough race less than a month later and had the awesome opportunity to compete again at US nationals (it had been since 2007!)

Also a note my 1500 I almost dropped 20 seconds over the course of 5 months! I was really excited about running that 4:50 in February!


Date                         Race                        Time/Place                                    if a PR- my former PR/date

1/23             Tues Night at Races            mile            5:22.08- 1st

1/29            TNR 2000m                                    6:41.84 – 1st

2/5            TNR 1500m                                    4:50.89-2nd

2/21             TNR 3000m                                    10:17.49- 2nd

3/3            Red Lizard 5 miler                        29:01.3- 1st

3/17            Shamrock 15K                        55:23.6- 2nd, PR             57:13 (2010 shamrock)

4/6              Willamette Invite 5K                        17:08.19 – 4th  (onset of a fever/flu type virus)

4/19    UWL Esten Invite steeple            10:38.65- 1st (snow delay)

4/27    Crazy Legs 8K                         28:19.2 – 2nd

5/11            West Coast Invite steeple            10:27.0

6/2            Tonkin 5K road race               17:18

6/7            Portland TF steeple                9:55.36, 3rd PR                        10:15.45 (2011)

6/21     USA steeple prelim                        10:11.42 (95 degrees at 3pm!), 14th;  made finals!

6/23     USA steeple final                        10:09.0 (in even hotter conditions!) , 9th !!!!!

7/15              Rough Rider Twilight 1500            4:31.56 – 2nd PR                        4:41.87 (2011 TNR)

7/21            Eugene road mile                        4:56.30 – 3rd PR               4:59.0 (2010 NYC 5th Ave)

7/27    BAC 5K                                     16:45.45 – 2nd PR            16:48. 2011 (outdoor track)

–       – – – – – – – – RUNNING BREAK  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

8/16    Leif Erickson Downhill Mile   4:24.90 – ridiculousness!

8/23-24 Hood to Coast – Wish me luck!! 





  1. All the best tomorrow, my friend!! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers, even though I won’t be able to be there as I had planned. Hope you’re sleeping well tonight, have a fabulously fun day, can’t wait to hear how you did!

  2. Ryan McGrath · · Reply

    Whoa Double D – didn’t realize you had raced so much! I love the Leif Erickson-named race, since I’m a “Leif was here first” kind of guy. Great post, thanks for sharing, and have fun this weekend! McG

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