Countdown to Club Cross!

With 2 weeks til race day in Bend, Oregon for USATF Club Cross Champs I’m going to start the countdown with a look back at some of Alan and I’s most memorable cross races throughout our competitive history in running. We still can’t get enough after 16 years (13 for me!)

Race #14

1997 Monroe Parker Invitational- Burke Lake, VA – 2.98 mile course

Alan’s first cross country race he opted to run varsity instead of the freshman race and successfully beat all but 3 runners with a 15:46. Super impressive considering he had just started training about a month prior and his second teammate was well over a minute behind. Alan was so excited to check the local paper to see if he got some ink and it read “3. Paul Webb 15:46”. Results can be found here (they actually had internet back then; either that or some running nerd updated it years later).

Later that year there was another misprint in the paper reading “Alan Wibb”, which of course meant his nickname was then Paul Wibb. During his senior year, this tough course at Burke Lake fell victim to one of Alan’s most impressive records which still stands today. He dusted the competition with a 13:57 after “he shot out like a cannon the first 800″; bettering the previous record by 24 seconds (records dating back to 1974). When he’s on that’s the way he rolls. Go hard from the gun and don’t look back.

Some course history (thanks to

Updated Burke Lake Park (2.98 mile) All-Time Course List

1. Alan Webb (South Lakes) 13:57 (10-25-2000)
2. Sharif Karie (West Springfield) 14:19 (10-31-1996)
2. Sean McGorty (Chantilly) 14:19 (11- 2- 2012)
4. Jim Hill (Oakton) 14:26.4 (11- 2- 1978)
5. Dwight Stephens (T.C. Williams) 14:29.8 (11- 1- 1979)
6. Mike Mansy (T.C. Williams) 14:30.1 (11- 2- 1978)
7. Ahmed Bile (Annandale) 14:38 (11- 3- 2011)
8. George Watts (Edison) 14:42 (11- 1- 1974)
9. Louis Colson (Edison) 14:43 (9-7-2013)
10. Eric Kweder (Edison) 14:45 (1996)
11. Eric Post (Chantilly) 14:48 (10-31-1996)
12. Bob Murray (Fort Hunt) 14:49 (1981)
13. Dennis Kappeler (Mount Vernon) 14:49 (1981)
14. Jeff Pajak (Annandale) 14:49.2 (10-31-1985)
15. Steve Halsey (Langley) 14:50 (11- 4- 1976)
15. Chris Foley (Chantilly) 14:50 (c) (11- 5- 2009)
15. Andrew McCullen (Oakton) 14:50 (c) (11- 5- 2009)


Alan much closer to Joanie’s age than now

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