Wisconsin over Michigan (Big Tens) #9

2000 Big Ten Cross Country Championships
University of Illinois –  Savoy, IL – 8K course


Flexing the guns at the finish; pic by USAToday

Leading Michigan to a 2nd place Big Tens finish, Alan won the race with a burst of speed the final 300m over Matt Tegenkamp. Wisconsin won, as it always does. Sorry maize and blue fans, that’s just the way it works.

Great Recap by Michigan Daily:

Tegenkamp “tried to break me throughout the race,” Webb said. “But I ran my own race and it was just my day.”

Webb and Tegenkamp began to distance themselves from the field a mile into the race. For the next three miles, Webb followed closely behind Tegenkamp, only momentarily taking the lead.

Tegenkamp “just started rolling,” Webb said of the pace the Badger leader was setting.

Webb remained within striking distance until the final stretch where he used his strong kick to overtake Tegenkamp and won the race.

alanbigtenWhen I asked Alan about this one, he summed it up as “I was hurting really bad, I just remember the middle trying to hang on, gotta get tough and get through it. I was basically in the hurt locker for a long time. I waited til the last straight away and used every bit of energy to break Matt.” Pretty humiliating to all the seniors that the top 3 were all freshman (Webb, Tegenkamp, Spiker).



Looking like he could win a fight if physical contact were involved

1 Alan Webb University of Michigan 23:19.9
2 Matt Tegenkamp Wisconsin University 23:23.2
3 Josh Spiker Wisconsin University 23:49.8
4 Isaiah Festa Wisconsin University 23:50.9
5 Mike Wisniewski University of Michigan 24:03.2
6 Nick Winkel Wisconsin University 24:11.5
7 John Krohnforst University of Illinois 24:13.2
8 J.J. O’Rielly The Ohio State University 24:13.6
9 Chris Toloff Michigan State University 24:15.4
10 Geoff Fleming Purdue University 24:16.3

’01 Great Lakes Regional: Impressive 2nd place finish to the future NCAA Champ, Alan maintains his dominance to his future 2013 teammate Teg. By some lucky, very rare occurrence Michigan was 2nd to Notre Dame and Wisconsin ended up 4th (saving it for Nationals). Results

1 JR Boaz Cheboiywo  Eastern Michigan   29:52.0
2  FR  Alan Webb Michigan   30:36.7
3 SR Luke Watson  Notre Dame  30:37.3
4  FR Matt Tegenkamp  Wisconsin  30:46.8
5  FR  Josh Spiker  Wisconsin 30:50.7
6 SR  Justin Young  Butler  30:54.7
7  SR  Mike Wisniewski  Michigan  30:56.1

’01 NCAAs: Alan with a strong 11th place finish, Teg gets his revenge while Ritz may have had just an extra handful of dry cheerios worth of energy to prove his dominance over Webb in cross country. Rightfully the team Wisconsin (5th) finishes far ahead of Michigan (11th).

1 Boaz Chboiywo 28:47 East. Michigan
2  Jorge Torres 29:06 Colorado
3  Alistair Cragg 29:10 Arkansas
4  D. Ritzenheim 29:11 Colorado
5  Luke Watson 29:19 Notre Dame
6  Ryan Shay 29:23 Notre Dame
7  Donald Sage 29:24 Stanford
8  Matt Tegenkamp 29:26 Wisconsin
9  Josh Spiker 29:29 Wisconsin
10  Travis Laird 29:31 N. Arizona
11  Alan Webb 29:38 Michigan
12  Louis Luchini 29:41 Stanford
13  Silverus Kimeli 29:40 Arkansas
14 Dan Wilson 29:46 Connecticut
15  Ed Torres 29:47 Colorado

Joanie gets it right – Wisconsin over Michigan every time.



She knows a Badger would slash a Wolverine to pieces. Through a large lump sum she was bribed into wearing this shirt with a half smile. Once she got to be over a year old she could see through dad’s propaganda and it hasn’t happened since.

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