A Week til Club Cross!

7 days til Bend and …

I overcommitted and am now taking a leave of absence from blogging because who needs to read more of this stuff anyway? 🙂 Originally I wanted to keep putting a daily blog out til next Saturday so I apologize for the false advertisement. I think I got the point across and got people thinking about cross country. Maybe through the thick of all my run on sentences I provided some entertainment. But likely even those with the slightest interest have found better things to do and I take no offense!

I have a new job as Ambassador of Rock for Competitor Group (promoting the upcoming Rock N Roll half in Portland on May 17, 2014) and am waiting to hear back from a 2nd job opportunity. I’m excited to get that started so I need to focus my limited time away from Joanie on that.

More importantly I need to rest up (AKA nap) and fix myself so I can possibly race in Bend next weekend! Despite some half decent results, it has been a bumpy road this fall. After several months of my training going from just not feeling great to slowly falling apart, things finally got serious when I got diagnosed with Strep B and picked up what seems to be an incurable UTI**.

I’ve been on a hefty dose of antibiotics – already round 2 so things are not looking great for racing. I would like to run but realistically I’ll be coming straight from the couch this past week so my expectations for place/time are pretty low. I have ran 12 miles this entire week and added 3 days of absolutely nothing. Haven’t done a workout in 3 weeks. That never happens. The worst part is I still don’t feel like I’m progressing to conquering this infection. It actually might be possible that I will run better pregnant (79th at Clubs in ’11) than this year !

I’m not too down or stressed about it. I don’t do this for a living and realize it’s all part of the running game. When you’re in it long enough you have ups and followed by unexpected downs. In the long run I gotta do what’s best for myself. Either way I won’t miss the race and at a minimum will be out there cheering for Alan and the BAC team!

At the moment the forecast looks to be a balmy 36 mixed with rain and snow. Perfect to add to the mix of altitude, hay bales and hills! Let’s hope Joanie can get tough so she can be out there cheering all morning.

I have more stories to share and will get those out there when I get my mojo back. Thanks for reading!

**if anyone has experience or has ideas on how to get over this feel free to share and please contact me!!!!


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