Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Wife’s Perspective on a Career Change

As of 2014 our family will be officially going through some big changes as Alan makes the transition from runner to triathlete. News broke earlier this week on Alan’s “retirement”. It’s a different retirement than most professional runners go through since he’s actually going to be training more and likely will be continuing to run […]

We Be Clubbin

Recently the USATF Club cross race has become what I believe the most competitive cross country event in the US (based on depth not top runners). True, the U.S. Nationals in February has still got more studs to make it tougher to win or be top 10. I’m talking from the standpoint if you happen […]

A New Year is Here!!!

As the new year begins, I am embracing the new me. The out of shape, regular person me. I ended the year with a positive race experience (Club Nationals – 53rd place) followed by another crash in my overall health which has made even doing a simple 5 mile run an exhausting task. The possibility of […]