Time to Get Tough

In about 24 hours I am privileged to toe the line with the nations top steeplechasers with my mediocre sneak in of 10:02.64 (A standard was 9:55.00). Originally I was intending to compete only if I “deserved” to be in with a PR (set 2013 – 9:55.36), but hearing the field would not fill, I was not going to pass an opportunity up. Firstly, because I get a 4 day vaca from the kid with a supportive husband to take over, and secondly because I do work my butt off and do believe I can mix it up in the field! My 10:02 left me waking up at all hours of that night reliving why I didn’t get more competitive with my eyes looking straight at the ground and why I didn’t make it hurt more. My attention was all over the place, reflecting on the downside of being a mom- being an excellent multi-tasker. I also had some guilt holding me back with the actual thought, “If you run really well, that means you’re gonna have to go to USAs”, (which meant the opposite of what being a mom stands for.. going on a trip focusing completely on myself). With the guilt removed from convincing of my family, my flights already set- I am holding nothing back! My mantra for this race is FOCUS! 


Running my 10:02 in la-la land as the race gets away from me

Most people will count me out as a threat for taking anyone’s spot in the final, but people don’t know what ammo I am bringing. My secret weapon isn’t a seed time or gift of speed, but an endless ability to endure and push myself to my ultimate limit. By coincidence it is Joanie’s birthday on Friday, which is kind of crazy because exactly 2 years ago within the exact hour the gun to my race will go off (7:50pm Pacific Time), I went into labor (10:45pm Eastern Time).

Sadly I don’t remember much of the pain from the last few races but I DO clearly remember the agony of labor which appropriately started exactly 2 years ago (to the hour) to the time I will race tomorrow in the prelims. What made the difference? Labor lasted 1080 minutes (18 hours) where as any good steeple should be over in under 10 minutes (~.2 hours). Just giving myself a friendly reminder as I write this!



Counting on Alan to repeat his cake performance for a 2nd year in a row

I really want to make the finals not because I have a shot to win, but because I saw the forecast for Saturday (94 degrees) and the time of the final (1:56pm). Am I heat trained? Not really. But this is good news for someone who thrives on less than ideal circumstances. If you see me in Saturday’s race, I will try to duplicate my same strategy as last year which lead to a 9th place finish. This is likely going to be sitting in the back, suffer to the best of my ability, then hopefully not fall off the pace, picking up the casualties (if I myself do not become one). I am one of those runners who rejoices when time isn’t on the line and you have awful conditions, which is why true cross country races are my favorite and the only comparative event on the track is the steeplechase.

Let’s see what I got! As you can see I’m excited to make my 3rd appearance at USA’s with 3 of my Bowerman Track Club teammates (Kristen Rohde and Carrie Dimoff in the 10,000; and Lindsey Drake in the 5000). I am humbled to line up next to truly talented U.S. distance runners and ready to give whatever I have using my God given talents. 

Tune in live at USATF.TV free and watch the finals on NBC! (Broadcast info here)

The last time a Webb stepped on the Sacramento State track:


Alan winning the 2004 Olympic Trials -exactly 10 years ago!!!



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  1. Liz Stine (Kanack) · · Reply

    Julia! I love this post! I really appreciate your transparency and willingness to share your inner experience related to being a mom, what that means for where you’re at with your running career, and all the mental shenanigans! BEST OF LUCK! I’ll be cheering for you from La Crosse!

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