Stay As Long As You Can


Big time life changing status is about to happen. We are ~11 weeks away from adding another life form into the family. Sleep as I now know it will abruptly end and a cuteness/instinctual factor will take over my heart and power me through the long nights and tiring days. My admittedly selfish habits will have to take a back seat to being mom to 2, notably one who cannot even hold its own head up and likely cause me a very sore arm. I also will admit, I’m not really ready.

I never thought I’d say this, but in round 2 I am honestly semi- enjoying the fact that pregnancy takes so dang long. Had I been on the injury/non-running status like last pregnancy, my feelings would likely change, but with being able to enjoy some quality workouts and runs at least 3 times a week up until now (granted at far less than I’d ideally like), helps my balloon belly situation tremendously.


What I’m most afraid of isn’t coming back into shape or getting back into running after pregnancy, but how I will handle being a mom of a newborn once again. I know my priorities will completely shift and regardless of my drive and desire to train, compete, or be a force in the workplace, I will get pulled hard by mother nature in putting all my priorities into this new baby and my current 3 year old Joanie. (Which obviously and rightfully should happen!) That does not mean, however, that I will become a slave to being mom and have to pull all the weight. I fully intend to continue to do what I do, with the big time support of my husband Alan.

First pregnancy, you have no idea what to expect with a newborn, regardless of how much self-educating and research you do; and assume that you will somehow figure it out and “learn as you go”. My mom always said, “God only gives you what you can handle.” I guess those statements are true, but it is a swift butt whooping and at some points extremely painful process as it is happening. If first time pregnant moms could experience some of that pain, they might cherish their quiet, feeling fat and awkward time to a much greater degree. Overall message: being a new parent can be ROUGH.

What I’ve found is that I typically “figured out” Joanie just as she was finishing that stage and moving on to the next challenging unknown parental territory. Hopefully this is where “your second kid is always easier” statement comes in.. but then again I’ve also heard 2 is twice as hard. So who’s right?29weeks

There’s a reason why being pregnant is so unfair to your body. You lose most control, in a parallel way of how you’ll lose control of your life once baby enters. As awesome it is to create more life and have a family, you take on a massive responsibility that limits so much of the freedom you once had. I definitely have jealousy moments of my former self or my friends who don’t have this addition yet to their relationships or lifestyle. But I am also thankful about the fact I that I am able to accomplish so much more and multitask at an astronomical rate compared to my former self. I really feel I under performed in many categories, first as an athlete and mostly with my career. Before kids, I remember being bored. Since June 27, 2012, I have yet to have a single moment in a day really that I have experienced that feeling. I never have enough hours in a day, and each week flies by.. including while being pregnant, which seems crazy to me (thinking back to how slowly the first one dragged on).

So with baby number 2 making an entrance soon, maybe I need to readjust my attitude (a likely reason of why I’m writing this blog- to refresh my memory and get my mom mojo back up to par). I need to drop the fear that my second time around parenting won’t match up to baby’s needs. I WILL use all this real time experience and knowledge from recent baby #1 that can help eliminate some of the struggles I experienced from Joanie. While my first pregnancy was mentally tough to sit out from running and dealing with chronic throbbing hip pain day and night, it almost may not have compared to the mental and physical exhaustion I endured during Joanie’s 3-7 month age span.
Beyond that with Joanie, the past 2 years I have been semi spoiled. She still naps. I repeat. She still naps. Long and hard. She loves to sleep and rarely disputes bedtime (I promise you this was FAR FROM THE CASE her first year). Enter nanny Jan (please email me if you’d like her contact, as she works with families from afar). Beyond that I definitely do not have a perfect kid, but her toddler fits and fights are much easier to cope with when I am able to get consistent breaks and regular uninterrupted sleep.joanie3

Cute until she starts screaming (for demo click here and scroll to :45 sec in Dumb and Dumber annoying sound clip; “Bum and Bummer” according to Joanie)

Now I am nervous that with sleep taken away, even at best case scenario=a normal perfectly adjusted to the world infant who needs to eat every 3 hours round the clock; I will struggle to fit it all in. Next week I will find out if I am starting to take on new work (in the interview process), with the additional intent to put in quality training towards my 2016 run goals. My drive and desire to run my personal bests has not waned; and I will admit at this point some of these goals are lofty, as I am being optimistic. However, I am fully ready to adapt these goals if need be.  I do know, there will definitely be setbacks, less than ideal conditions to recover appropriately, and an even greater crunch to my free time, but I am vowing to approach my training intelligently. With all that I have on my plate, I have to prioritize the respect of my constraints and adapt. It is unrealistic to believe I can train like a professional athlete. I am going to train like the best me. For example: this will never equal 80-100 mile weeks; a better number to expect if I’m lucky will be the 40-50s.


No matter what happens; return to the top of my game running or not, I am going to go in with a grateful attitude of enjoying the process of the training/racing that I can do, and make the most of it. I run because I love to do so, not out there to prove the world that I am the next great athlete. The only way I know how to run, is pushing myself hard, so why not race with the intent to get the best out of myself and enjoy it along the way.

Potential 2016 Goals (thru July): listed in order of greatest to least focus

I somehow get it done; training/recovering and balancing family/work
B GOALS (if healthy enough to compete) Inadequate training due to time constraints/setbacks greater than foreseen; not going to cry about it!
Compete at steeplechase Olympic Trials; qualify for final; race my brains out Watch Olympic Trials, kick back, enjoy and cheer loudly for friends
Qualify for Olympic Trials (Portland Track Festival or late spring event) ~ sub 9:50 (pr is 9:55 – 11 months postpartum) Portland Track Festival-(if coach who is race director lets me in) steeplechase; season best (whatever that may be)
Outdoor- Oregon Relays, Oregon Twilight, Willamette Invite… find local races to compete at steeple (sub 10:20 opener) and go after 1500m/5000m PRs (4:31/16:49) Enter local Oregon track meets to run steeplechase; have fun; hopefully break 10:30; enjoyingly embarrass myself in the 1500 or 5000m
Spartan Sprint – late winter (Phoenix?)- get on podium (or win); do no more than 30 burpees (1 failed obstacle; vs the 5 I failed my first/only attempt which led to 4th place finish) Get over the 3 massive walls with authority. Smile as I’m doing burpees after blowing the crazy swinging monkey bar apparatus, still get in top 5. Compete fearlessly knowing I won’t have to worry about landing on baby (2015 race 7 weeks pregnant)
Reclaim Stroller 10K record with new baby (37:29 by Maggie Yount)- 6:01/mile pace (my first/only attempt was 38:15 – 6:15 mile pace)–find race in early spring Run it anyways sucking wind and see if I can beat my previous time; maybe I won’t even come close but try to stroller-chick as many “legit” looking male runners are possible.
Club XC Nationals in San Francisco- top 50-75 finish; (race is mid December; only 6 weeks after I resumed training if my body is ready to begin running 6 weeks postpartum) Die hard going up any hills (thankfully not at altitude – Bend race is in Feb!), finish last lap of course in what looks like me running in slow motion, get muddy and enjoy the weekend off baby duty with the team!


Summary on Pregnancy #2
-Enjoying my summer despite body being taken over (up 17 lbs at 29 weeks; vs up 30 lbs at 29 weeks** first pregnancy) and greatly limited run training (but HEY I am still running; no need to remind me of what a gift that is in any shape/form)

-Running very limited mileage 3 days a week and most at a brisk pace to alleviate pelvic discomfort by getting more from my glutes/hamstrings/calves; definitely includes walk/stretch breaks (2 miles without stopping is my current record the last 6 weeks).

-Still jumping in low key run races (but unfortunately no steeplechase or obstacle races 😉)

-Supplementing my training with swimming, biking, and weights; intent to start doing more yoga

-Far less indigestion than previous pregnancy this late into game (but I could be eating my words; it got really bad last 10 weeks with Joanie- to the point I was only able to comfortably sleep sitting up .. that will be here very soon); no huge physical complaints beyond hip status when running

-Feeling less “fat” in round 2 and more appreciation for my body’s ability to take on another pregnancy; with the relief of knowing how easy it was to bounce back to pre-pregnancy fitness and size

-Vow to get my attitude in check for taking on a newborn and start getting excited to meet girl #2

**weight note- I did however end up gaining only a total of 30 lbs; I am on track to be the same at baby’s due date. Just doing so in a more gradual appropriate manner.

So there you have it…  follow me on Instagram to see my weekly ability to run progress, current workouts, baby belly updates, Alan’s post injury status and more!!



  1. Julie · · Reply

    Great read Julia!! Having just gone through number 1 I appreciate all your words. Nice to see you going through number 2. You are doing amazing and have great perspective. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey. And looking forward to our daughters meeting someday!
    Miss you
    Julie Running

  2. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA · · Reply

    Sounds like you’re ready to me 😉 you know it’s going to be a juggle. Isn’t that all the ready you need.? Haha
    That’s great that you’re still running during pregnancy, and you are so speedy.!! Great goals. Look forward to reading more 🙂

  3. I like the “A” and “B” goals. My wife and I have 4 kids. They grow up so fast, my youngest is 17 in a couple of weeks. And I started running at 55 (and loving it) 🙂
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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