New Year, New Me

Since the family upgrade from 1-2 kids, my blogging has suffered. I’m going to make an honest attempt to come back. What I can promise- I won’t blog as LONG, which might be a good thing 🙂 It might not look as pretty, but I want to get back on it. So here’s a start…


It’s been over 4.5 months since Paula came into the world, and I am still wondering how this many humans have come to exist. Props to big families, you stun and amaze me. It’s been fun, but it’s been a grind. A worth while grind. What that all translates to is: I really miss my sleep. Yes a bit selfish, but that’s on the basic level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid.


Aside from a lucky 5-6 hour stretch from time to time, it’s been a solid 4.5 months since I can confidently put my head on the pillow and know I will not be disturbed until I either see the sun or hear an alarm. In recent weeks, 90 minute interruptions have been the reg. “Finally she’s sleeping” – a quote I just heard from 3 year old Joanie as I’m blogging now.

Unfortunately she’s not that easy baby. When she cries it’s often and rarely anything with an easy fix (food, sleep, love). It’s all related to her underdeveloped sensitive digestive system; which would place her in the category of  “colic” -according to wikipedia –  defining it perfectly:

A form of pain that starts and stops abruptly. It occurs due to muscular contractions of a hollow tube (colon, etc.) in an attempt to relieve an obstruction by forcing content out. It may be accompanied by vomiting and sweating. Types include:

  • Baby colic, a condition, usually in infants, characterized by incessant crying

St Elmo- You have been summoned. (He is the patron saint of Colic)

When people see her smiling and think back to their own kids, many say “Awww I miss this age so much, they are so great”.. well your kid may have been super great, but in all honesty, the struggle with Paula is real. When she’s not cramping up, she’s unbelievable and happy. But more often than not, she’s hurting. (However it is IMPROVING which is very exciting).

It’s tough but much easier to handle after going through it once before. I know she’ll be better once she can FINALLY handle digestion, but until then, it’s enjoy the good moments, pull out all stops to distract her from the pain, or feed her til it works itself out. Joanie had this same problem, which was exceptionally tough from 3-7 months. It was only then Joanie could start to handle solid foods. Paula has been dealing with this at a high level from 2 days on.

The only way moms can get through this must be the extra HGH you get from the pregnancy, which accelerates my ability to use sleep to its ultimate advantage. This obviously which can help in the running department, but most benefits are canceled out when the “Physiological” need of sleep is unavailable. Why dad’s get hit even harder. They don’t get these magical hormones.

Blog 1 of 2016 complete! My next one is all about how I’m balancing training, work and family while still going after some big goals.. I’m extremely optimistic and beyond thankful for the progress I’ve had since resuming running at 4 weeks postpartum. More to come soon!

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  1. lol I love the hierarchy of needs mine goes something like SLEEP at the base, EAT, Shower/function as a regular human, try to exercise, and way at the tip top “social” like talk to someone who doesn’t live in my house 😉

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