A New Business, Running & Reality

As many may have heard via rumors or my limited Facebook posts– my husband Alan and I started a TRUCK REPAIR business. Yes. Trucks as in Diesel, Semis, Freightliners, School buses…

Elite Onsite Fleet final logo

Our focus is to help any businesses who have a small fleet of vehicles or any that have even 1 truck/van they don’t want to waste time taking to a shop.  With our mobile unit- we come to you! The point – save fleet managers time & not drain their money. We are NOT a company that tries to endlessly tack on unneeded repairs just to sell more; we do what the customer wants and what is right! My motivation —  thinking about my experiences – the “Get your oil changed for $19.95” sign that got me in the door ended up being more like $140. For a Honda FIT!  The mechanic would come back showing me a filter that I swear they dumped dirt on to try to get me to needlessly replace. OK, replace my filter. AGAIN. Take my money…. 💸 😭

IMG_0394The good news – I don’t fix the trucks! This is where our mechanic comes in. We are 1 month in, so we have 1 truck and 1 guy. JR is the man. He was the first to apply for the job (sort of like my wedding dress- the first I tried on)- and ended up being the one. Our plan is to grow, but you got to start somewhere! His background experience with Love’s and Northwest Truck Repair and his ability to be a leader gives us the confidence. We also have a shop we can take on bigger jobs. This week Alan dove right in to help JR put on a roll up door for LA-Z-Boy’s large box truck. He came home covered in grime!

IMG_0834The timing of this start up on top of having 2 young kids… has been a definite challenge.  I would be lying if I didn’t tell you this has been hands down one of the most difficult things we have ever faced. But we are facing it daily with confidence in the only thing that is steady in our life – GOD. We know we CANNOT do this alone. We would fail. Immediately.

We are humbled and placing our daily trust in God – to send us down the right path – to meet the right people and send us work! We are at the base of a mountain, and know that the rate for a new business to survive is very small. This is where the work ethic we learned by doing sport comes in. We will fight and claw.. and we don’t expect anything to be easy. For the work we have been sent- we are very thankful! I’ll just keep getting out on the street with my business cards and cookies!


The Running

As this business kicked off in mid March 2017, I had plans to continue my running and training as usual. I knew I would have unforeseen circumstances and stress that would cause me to likely alter the training I’d been used to in the past; and hoped I could trust myself to make the right choices not to go over the edge.

Long story short I failed. I kept forgetting that I wasn’t going to get the adequate recovery period that I had luxury with in the past (less sleep + an increase of life’s intensity) and of course – I pushed myself too hard. I’ve been sick A MONTH. I’m on day 3 of a not planned but absolutely necessary break. Not a surprise, I have been down this road before. I just keep thinking “mind over matter” like I can avoid this whole bodily break down thing. Our youngest Paula (now 19 months) just started daycare in January. No joke, she’s been sick with something new every 1.5 weeks (just as she gets over the last virus, she picks up something new). Extended periods of being out in the cold (not when running but coaching) and the lack of sun in Portland (and likely inadequate vitamin D consumption) definitely have factored in. It was only a matter of time when I got struck down. ⚡ 💀

IMG_0760My last race was solid, but unfortunately also contributed to this latest immune system crash. I competed in the Portland Shamrock 15K only 5 days after I came down with a nasty cold and emerging from my cot at dawn at a 3 day church retreat. It was a painful race from start to finish – giving every ounce of compromised energy that I could – to finish with a new PR – but unfortunately not able to contest for the win. I was very happy to finish 2nd overall female in 54:30. I jumped back into training soon after and then a few weeks later, I was hit HARD with another sinus infection. I delayed a few workouts, backed off on miles and thought I was OK enough to workout and resume “normal” training with hopes I could hop on the track in late spring. I was only lying to myself. Here I am typing and it’s been 4 weeks and 2 days; STILL fighting it. Time to end the madness.

In terms of my own running, God has spoken to me again and again and again. I didn’t want to listen. It has been so clear but I stubbornly wanted to do it my way. I’m following the right path now and taking a step back from any serious run training starting with this break. (A lot of you are prob saying uhhh yeah that was easy I could have told you.) It’s still hard for me to let go of an entire season just like that. So yessss. Getting courageous by putting MY RUN PLANS on the back burner and doing what’s right.

“Be Brave! Ignore the urge! Just say NO to excessive Physical Activity and formal running! Do what feels awkward but you know is Right!!!” – Self talk this last week 

I wanted to race. I wanted to prove I could get thru this transitional period without a single step back. Wrong. I am humbled and now at total acceptance. I trust that I will be back stronger, better, and with a new perspective. Time to step up my game on the business level; take my work ethic and continue kicking butt in other areas of life!!!  I’m seriously optimistic, hopeful and happy.


Bye bye steeple. Maybe a different year (Don’t want to look like this at the finish line anyways…. throwback from ’08– my 10:59 Bomb)

Thank you for reading and we appreciate any support for our family in this new chapter in our life!! PRAYERS are most encouraged way of support; #2 would be introducing us to any business in Portland who could use our help!

Check out our website – www.EliteOnSitePDX.com

Here are some awesome local businesses and organizations we’ve serviced:

Double Tree Hilton

Catlin Gabel School buses


LA-Z-Boy Furniture

YMCA buses

Foot Traffic (Running store)

Cal Bags Metals

Hardwood Industries

Premier Press

Por Que No?

Leisure Supply Pools

U Haul

AAA of Oregon


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