About Team Webb

Alan Webb was born in Ann Arbor, MI on January 13, 1983. He set the high school American record in 2001 in the mile (3:53.43), represented the United States in the 2004 Olympics 1500 meters. In 2007, Alan set the American record in the mile (3:46.91). He was fortunate to have a lengthy professional running career representing Nike as a mid-distance athlete for over 11 years. On February 15, 2014, Alan ran his last professional race in the mile at the indoor Milrose Games. Alan competed in triathlon, representing USA in World Cup and World Triathlon Series for 1.5 seasons (2014-2015); his last race in Dallas ended his quest for competing at the 2016 Trials (bike crash at end of transition=broken scapula and ribs). He is now parent #1 of the Webb household- dad of Joanie to support his wife’s career, finishing his degree at Portland State (Econ) and coaching cross country at Westview High School. He is still highly passionate and involved in the sport of running.

His wife Julia (Rudd) was born in Oshkosh, WI on February 14, 1983. She once set an NCAA III record in the steeplechase in 2004 (10:26.56) competing for UW- La Crosse. She currently competes in events from steeplechase to half marathon as a member of the Bowerman Track Club, coached by Jonathan Marcus. In 2013, she set a personal best of 9:55 in the steeplechase and competed at USAs placing 9th in the final.

Alan and Julia met in Indianapolis March 2007. Together they have resided in Reston, VA (2009), Portland, OR (2011), Charlottesville, VA (2012), Beaverton, OR (2013-14), Phoenix, AZ (2015) and back to Beaverton for good! (summer 2015). On October 15, 2010 the couple married. Their first child Joanie Adele was born in Virginia on June 27, 2012 during the week of the Olympic Trials. Baby Girl #2 is due September 18th. Julia is a Nike + Run Club Portland Coach, Training Program Manager at Fleet Feet PDX, Nike Sports Center Run Coach and Assistant XC coach at Westview. Her aspirations include reclaiming her stroller “world record” with baby #2 in Spring 2016 (sub 37:25) and getting after the steeplechase on the track– qualifying for the Olympic Trials being her “A” goal.

Julia is currently responsible for the content of this blog.


  1. The original JW · · Reply

    I ❤ team Webb!

  2. Look forward to reading!

  3. Yay for Team Webb! You guys ROCK!

  4. So great to find your blog from MsFitRunner! I am from Indianapolis… so not sure how you and allen met, but glad you at least came out of your time in Indy with a positive note 🙂 Great reading about your runs 🙂

  5. Paul Hill · · Reply

    Thanks for all the memories Alan Webb. You ran with a passion that was uncharacteristic of track and field, and, though your career was full of disappointments, you inspired us to be better, and I’m going to miss seeing you on the track.

  6. Thanks for sharing… I couldn’t hold it in after that one and cried just reflecting on everything. Alan will really appreciate that. -Julia

  7. Mark E. · · Reply

    Alan- Big fan here. I’ve been fortunate to watch many (almost all) of your races during your career. The most memorable would be in 2005 when I was deployed to Iraq. My fellow communication soldiers somehow acquired a European satellite dish and hooked it up. We were able to watch the WC’s and of coarse, all of your races. Definitely the highlight of my deployment! Take that doper out of the race and I believe that you would have had a different race plan. You were the only guy willing to go for it no matter what though. Thanks for the memories brother!

    Julia- Great blog, keep it going! I subscribed- Mark

  8. With all due respect, you need a new coach and a different program. Your swim is fine, but the bike so so, and the runs embarrassing for someone of your talent. My hunch is that you are (wrongly being) trained like any other triathlete. This has turned a race horse into a plodder.

    The focus of your training should be your strength – track running. Your training should focus on the mile and 3k, which David Martin and the Coes think is best for runner overall development, requiring a mix of speed and endurance. You should be doing two interval workouts a week.

    You should be going into those track workout relatively fresh, with just swims the day before those workouts. No bike, no run.

    You don’t need a real long run for 5ks and 10ks, a weekly 8-12 mile run will suffice.

    Bike? I’d have you do a long hard German San Diego style ride on Sunday. 100-150k,hard.

    The other two or three bike workouts (done on the run days) would focus on a specific skill or energy system. A climbing session, a leg speed cadence session on trainer, and maybe another easy ride.

    Simple – If you aren’t running the fastest legs in your tris consistently, something is wrong. And you shouldn’t be biking at speeds more typical of a decent masters triathlete. And swims are fine.

  9. Ive been following Alan Webb since I saw him on the front page of the NYT many years ago when I was in junior high school. I followed his advice on the kick in high school and went to the same college as him. I continue to follow him. Thank you for the blog.

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