Run Coaching Services

Alan and Julia are offering run coaching services!
As of September 2015, we will ONLY be offering local personal and small group training sessions ($50/hr). If you are in the Portland (Oregon) metro area and are interested, please contact Julia! See below for further details


Our credentials

Julia has been coaching at all levels–high school and collegiate athletes to competitive and beginner fitness runners

With a bonus of experience overseeing various styles of elite and professional athletes, she brings her own history of having over a half dozen coaches herself. She has been is assistant cross country coach for Westview high school in the fall (2013-15)- leading the boys to their 2nd EVER State appearance in school history in 2014… Also since 2013; year round in Beaverton, OR at the World Head Quarters campus- coaching a weekly group running for the Nike Sports Centers (with co-coach Sean Coster).

NRC2Julia is a Nike+ Run Club coach, alongside Coach Steve Edwards, under the guidance of NRC Global Head Coach Chris Bennett in Portland. NRC is a global run club, which unites runners through specific race training on the Nike+ App. The goal – run your first, fastest and funnest miles! Currently in North America, the group offers elevated sessions in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto and now Portland. More cities will be popping up on the map! Weekly group sessions are FREE to the public. Each Sunday 3 p.m. the weekly event offerings are posted on

Typically each Wednesday is a Home Run (3-5-7 miles from the Nike Portland store along the Waterfront); Tuesday or Thursday a Speed Run (hosted on Nike World Headquarters Campus – open to the public!). Local Runs are offered each month; tying in local culture. Bonus – keep your eye out for occasional runs with celebrities (Run With Hart) and Elevated Sessions (ie: Find Your Fast mile), which often feature Olympians/professional Nike athletes.

westviewCoachingJulia’s expertise comes from being highly passionate about the sport from the moment she began competing in 2000. With a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sport Science with an emphasis in Coaching Competitive Athletics from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, she continued her growth post-collegiately with a USATF Level 1 Certification and being highly involved in her husband elite athlete Alan’s personal journey through running and triathlon.

Her mentor is her own personal coach Jonathan Marcus; leading her to a top 10 US finish in the 3000m steeplechase. As of 2015, Jon is the High Performance West head coach/founder. Former distance coach at Portland State (2013-14), now at Clackamas Community College, also locally coaching post-collegiate groups/athletes of all talents (HWP, Bowerman Track Club elite, Jacuzzi Boys TC, Run Portland, Team Athena). Julia’s training partners and a few of Jon’s top athletes, include wife Kristen Rohde (15:57 PR for 5000m- 2014) and Anna Connor (4:14.8 PR for 1500m-2015).


Julia’s personal running accomplishments speak of her passion of running. Constantly seeking and finding ways to get the best out of herself, she is eager to share with her athletes.

Julia’s coaching style is very personalized, taking the time to really get to know each athlete individually- considering all constraints such as family or work and getting the complete picture from past history of results or injuries. Bottom line-  keep my athlete motivated, injury free and working progressively towards realistic goals while finding enjoyment in the process.

2007 US Indoor Championships Boston, MA Feburary 24-25, 2007

Alan doesn’t need much of an introduction, if you found this website, you likely know he has credentials.

Since he turned heads winning his first state title as a freshman under the guidance of Scott Razcko up until his 3:46 mile record in 2007, with a brief stint at Michigan under Ron Warhurst (2001). Leading to the roller coaster end to his professional running career before triathlon- striving to regain his previous form under coaches Alberto Salazar with the Oregon Project (2009-10), Jason Vigilante (2011), Jerry Schumacher (2012) and lastly under close friend Jon Marcus (2013) until his switch to triathlon. To say he’s got much to offer and insight from his experiences is an understatement. The vast amount of experience from different training methods has given him much foresight into what works and what doesn’t for him personally. Regardless, he knows each individual is completely different, and there is no cookie cutter answer that will lead directly to PRs.raczko

Quote from friend/Alan’s former training partner in 2008/coach Steve Magness in his book, “The Science of Running” –

“I started this sport as a phenom high school runner, running the 6th fastest High School mile time in U.S. history. That early promise quickly disappeared, as my college career was a wreck, marred with over training and injuries. Looking for solutions I turned to studying the best coaches in the world in distance running, both past and present. Not completely satisfied with their answers, I turned to trying to learn everything there was about the science of running…”

When one has a downfall in their own career, it leaves a deep quest to find the answers. The same is true for Alan, with the vast differences of the being at the top of the world in his event, to the fall toward the latter end of his career. It has all been valuable experience and given much incite as to why somethings worked and others did not. Alan may not have a master’s in Exercise Sport Science like coach Steve, but the 15 years of elite level running gives him real life experience you can’t exactly get at a college. Bottom line, he wants to share this endless knowledge and help others get the best of themselves.

Alan was a volunteer assistant at the University of Virginia during Jason Vigilante’s time there. (2011)

Recently (2013) Alan has been a volunteer distance coach with Shalane Flannagan at Portland State under Jon Marcus’ guidance. 

Former Olympians Join PSU Running Teams

Spring 2014-Summer 2015,  Alan received the best guidance in triathlon training with USA Triathlon. One of his mentors includes renowned running coach Bobby McGee.

Alan is currently an assistant cross country coach at Westview High School in Portland, OR (Fall 2015).


Julia/Alan Webb Coaching Service Packages

Initial Consultation Meeting – Meet locally/phone/skype call to discuss if I could make a good fit for you as a coach, answering any questions and hearing needs (beyond email connection first). $0/meeting

Personal Training Plan  -Designed to help you run your best and hit your race goals, we will come up with a training plan together. This is updated on a weekly basis where I constantly adjust according to what you have been doing and how you are responding (it won’t be a generic plan you can download off a running website- this is completely tailored to your needs and lifestyle, and how you’ve handled the previous week). You would have unlimited email access, texting within reason and chat on the phone or in person once a week. We use Final Surge for the training plan since it is updated real time and can be edited by either of us. $150/per month

Individual Personal Coaching Session (1 on 1*)  approximately 60-75 minutes; set at a track or marked trail/field to provide guidance in an interval workout, including dynamics, drills, strides to give visual feedback on pace, effort, form, and more $50/session 

Small Group Coaching Sessions (2-4 people); same as above with training partners/friends $30/session per person

For more inquiries about Julia & Alan’s personalized run coaching contact

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