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Motivation to Push Baby Paula Fast

Here’s the story behind my recent 1:22:57 Half Marathon (7th place female finisher) at Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago. Currently that is the World’s fastest time a WOMAN has ever run pushing their kid (or someone else’s) for that distance. Once I can gather all the evidence, I will submit my claim to Guinness. This story […]

Steeplechase Dreams and Jumping at an Opportunity

My blogging has been a little slim the past few months – but I’m back (if you ever miss out just follow my Instagram -I update just about daily). This is basically a personal journal I’m willing to share, so no offense taken if you have zero interest to read a book on my recent training […]

Running a New Stroller PR – 38:15 for 10K

Running with my empty stroller to the start at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland before I met up with my rent-a-baby Ruby Schares and her family, gave me a feeling as if I was one of those people with Reborn Dolls (they look real but are obviously not). With my own daughter almost 3000 miles […]