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The Battle to Return to Competition

I’ve returned to training and wanted to share some insight from my last Inside Tracker Blood test and tips on how I kicked my sickness to the curb… including Voodoo. This process of recovery was very slowly I might add because I was unable to go the quick healing route- a week long coma followed […]

A New Business, Running & Reality

As many may have heard via rumors or my limited Facebook posts– my husband Alan and I started a TRUCK REPAIR business. Yes. Trucks as in Diesel, Semis, Freightliners, School buses… Our focus is to help any businesses who have a small fleet of vehicles or any that have even 1 truck/van they don’t want to […]

Yes… finally starting a blog!

I (Julia) love writing and particularly keeping journals…. so today I’m finally starting a blog for Team Webb!! My husband Alan thought it was an ok idea (finally he’s ready to get on the bandwagon!).. but I knew he wouldn’t be the one to initiate it. So unfortunately for all the people curious about Alan’s […]